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Golf Cart Specialists

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Broken golf cart? We'll pick it up and drop it off!

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Custom Cartz LLC will provide you with first-class repair service, including

pick-up and delivery once the repairs are complete! From simple battery changes to total restoration and engine services, Custom Cartz LLC confidently services all models.

Get expert service with a fast turn-around by calling us today!

Custom Cartz LLC handles bumper-to-bumper golf cart services for all makes and models:

The local golf cart service center

Little power in your cart's battery? See our battery experts

Your golf cart's battery undergoes a lot of stress. Between constant recharging, discharging, and temperature changes, it's no wonder why your cart may begin to feel sluggish. That's okay! Your cart's batteries should be changed every three to four years. You'll find that we have a huge stock of quality batteries to make for an easy replacement! We accommodate electric carts and gas carts.

  • Engine services

  • Brake services

  • Scratch and dent repairs

  • Collision repairs

  • Tire replacements

  • Suspension repairs

  • Battery diagnostics

  • Customizations and upgrades