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Over the course of six years, Custom Cartz LLC has developed a reputation as one of

the nation's top providers of custom golf carts! You'll find our decked-out Star Electric Vehicles, Yamaha, and other makes and models of different sizes, styles, and colors of golf carts cruising around the local beaches! Stop by our showroom to see our top cart models!

Custom Cartz LLC specializes in weatherizing golf carts for comfortable winter travel. You'll find examples of our custom enclosures and heated cabins in our Gallery. You'll be able to drive around town, even in colder months thanks to our safe, ultra-efficient propane heaters!

Have your new cart customized for comfort!

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Check back here to see our latest custom cart creations. You'll find pictures, details, specifications, and features all in one place. From mild to wild, Custom Cartz LLC offers street-legal carts designed for you and the whole family.