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"Can accessories be added to my golf cart?"

Of course! Like any other vehicle, your golf cart can be customized to fit your lifestyle and comfort needs. As long as your accessories don't make the vehicle unsafe - or break the law - Custom Cartz LLC can install them! These can include stereos, custom wheels, lights, luxury seats, suspension kits, and more!

"Can I wax my golf cart?"

Yes, and it's recommended! Especially with our local climate, waxing your golf cart will protect its paint and finish - especially important if you had your cart custom-designed by us - and ensure that your cart doesn't fade or peel from the summer heat and weather. It's best to wax your cart at least once per year with a good carnauba wax.

"What type of gas and oil is used in golf carts?"

Golf carts are more similar to cars and trucks than you think. Your standard cart uses regular unleaded gasoline (ethanol-free) for four-cylinder engines, and a 40:1 gas-to-oil mix for two-cycle engines. Most cart engines use 10W30 motor oil to the tune of about 1 to 1.5 quarts. Here's a tip: never overfill!

Get a top-of-the-line golf cart with a wide range of features

"What makes a golf cart street legal?"

Our number one question! There are many required safety features that must be installed to make a golf cart street-legal. They include:

  • Windshield

  • Brake lights

  • Headlights

  • Tail lights

  • Seat belts

  • Turn signals

  • Rearview mirror

  • Functioning horn

  • DMV registration*

  • Approval from local government

  • Home Owner Associations

  • VIN number**  

*Requirements may vary by DMV location.

** Some locations require a VIN Number.

"How often should I have my golf cart serviced?"

That depends on how often you drive your cart. Generally, we recommended your cart to be serviced by a trained technician - best found here at Custom Cartz LLC - once every 75 hours of use - not miles, hours. Or have it serviced at least once a year.

"What kind of service should I personally perform on my cart?"

That depends! See our recommended list of services based on whether you own an electric or gas-powered golf cart.

Electric carts:

Gas carts:


  • Keep the battery top, battery compartment, and underside of the cart clean with baking soda and a water solution.

  • Keep the battery water filled to a proper level with distilled water.

  • Keep the tire pressure at a proper level.

  • Keep Battery Charger plugged up to cart when not in use.

  • Check your oil and filter regularly.

  • Clean your engine compartment with water.

  • Check belts for excessive wear.

  • Keep the tire pressure at a proper level.

  • Check and change your air filter.